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Personally, Biden wasn’t my first choice for president, based on policy issues. But, as I repeatedly argued during the primaries with many of my younger friends, Biden stood the best chance of uniting the country. I still believe that.

People smarter than I am will be able to analyze this better, but I believe deeply that Joe Biden won the election not because of any policy positions. It’s because he is – agree with his views or not – a good man. He is demonstrably empathic, and that’s ultimately what stood in starkest contrast to the incumbent.

We can haggle over politics and policies later. And I hope the “better angels of out nature,” to quote Lincoln, talk us out of gloating to those who are seething and saddened by the result, as hard as that might be.

But the bottom line is, I believe from the bottom of my flawed and battered heart, and with every synapse of my admittedly limited mind, that goodness has prevailed. I’m often a critic of America BECAUSE I love it, and no doubt I’ll continue to be so, but today, I am proud of my country.

We chose goodness and empathy over cynicism and cruelty.

Decency won the day in America. Anyway, that’s what I think.

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I'm an award winning and losing playwright and screenwriter; I'm a dad of two great kids, an aggressive spoiler of dogs, and hopelessly addicted to baseball and The Beatles. I have no recollection of ever having worn a mullet, yet photos in the 80's say otherwise.

5 thoughts on “President-Election Biden

  1. Hey Jack – I agree with you 100% I believe the election was about stopping the madness more than than having the perfect candidate. Biden was the right man for the job. No doubt about it. Like you say – he is a decent man and one worthy of the high office. But I also believe the deeper problem hasn’t gone away. Over 70 million people still found Trump the right choice in spite of everything. If we don’t start finding common ground – if we don’t start agreeing on what reality is….!

    It breaks my heart to see Trump attacking the freedoms that millions died for. It breaks it more to see so many of his supporters believe him. I’m not ashamed to say I cried yesterday after it was announced. It wasn’t jubilation but relief mixed with sadness and remorse. Some regret for not having spoken up more during my lifetime, for having taken my own liberties for granted, but mainly sadness for the way millions have been manipulated and lied to – for the thousands of lives it has cost as a result.

    I desperately want my children to understand that decency and character matter. That the truth and honesty matter. That morals and integrity matter. That responsibility matters. I’m grateful for the way people voted for all these reasons – for those who put all our children’s future on the table in place of their pride. It’s a good day and one to be proud of but we are a very long way from where we need to be. I believe it would be a mistake to forget that.

    Thanks Jack – Wishing you the very best, AP2 🙏

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