About My Blog

Me. I believe I was having my picture taken in this shot.

Who am I, and how the hell did I get on your screen (or, what I hope this blog will be about).

I’ve been a professional playwright for over a dozen years. I have been lucky to have many of my plays produced in New York and regionally, and not lucky enough to have them produced at other times. I am both an award winning and losing writer. I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented artists and build a real community of friends and colleagues. 

My hope for this blog is that it can help people in theater, television, film, etc. feel a little more connected and less alone. I’ve found the life of a writer to be highly rewarding and despairingly frustrating. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy and wouldn’t trade it for the world. I’ll share some of my experiences and hope I can get my friends and colleagues to sometimes chime in with theirs. I will occasionally write about plays or writers or shows I’ve seen and admired, or actors whose work has moved me. I won’t review anything per se, nor will I ever blog about work I’m not enthusiastic about. There’s enough negativity out there as it is. 

As someone who has suffered on and off throughout my life with severe depression, I’ll occasionally write about that, too – mostly in terms of how it affects my writing/career. Although I suspect I’m not the only one in the arts who struggles with this issue, I certainly don’t feel myself to be an expert in anything other than my experiences, and I’m kind of iffy on that at times. I make no claim of expertise on anything. I’m just going to share my experiences and see if it resonates with anyone. 

There will be, as the need arises, the occasional lapse into shameless self-promotion. I’ll also occasionally digress into other matters as my mood and meds dictate. Frankly, it’s all an experiment, and I find I have the same two predominate thoughts as I start this blog as I do when I embark on writing a new play: “I haven’t the slightest idea what to write. Also, I’m kinda hungry.” 

Thanks for dropping by.

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