I Gave An Interview!

The wonderful blogger and all-around smarty Wynne Leon interviewed me a little while ago about my new audio play, Step 9, available wherever you get your podcasts (just search “New Normal Rep” and “Step 9” and you’re good to go! She generously allowed me to reprint it here: In March 2020 when Seattle went intoContinue reading “I Gave An Interview!”

Autumnal Thoughts about Fall as Autumn Approaches This Fall

As the leaves start to turn, like so many stomachs at the sight of a MAGA hat, one becomes reflective. I’m the one, by the way. I’m not saying I’m Number One or anything, it isn’t an ego thing. I just thought it would sound classier. But reading back over it, it feels maybe aContinue reading “Autumnal Thoughts about Fall as Autumn Approaches This Fall”

Quick Comebacks Are Hard: I’m Here to Help

Want to Get in the Last Word?This Will Help The French, who insist on saying everything in French, call it “L’espirit de l’escalier,” or “The Wit of the Staircase.” It’s coming up with a perfect comeback to someone after you’ve left the party and are walking down the stairs to go home. We’ve all been there. JustContinue reading “Quick Comebacks Are Hard: I’m Here to Help”

Breaking: Transcript of Recording Seized During FBI Mar-A-Lago Search Leaked

The NY Times reports Trump is seeking to pre-emptively pardon himself and his children. Here’s, according to anonymous sources, how the meeting went down: Trump: So listen. I want to pardon myself for stuff. White House Lawyer: what “stuff,” sir? Trump: Just answer the question. WHL: You didn’t ask a question, sir. Trump: I wannaContinue reading “Breaking: Transcript of Recording Seized During FBI Mar-A-Lago Search Leaked”

A Mercifully Brief Post About Knowing Nothing.

Which, Let’s Face It, I Know a Fair Amount About. Like most people, I’ve led an unusual life. For me, part of its unorthodoxy is my insistence on trying to make a living as a writer. Let’s just say, it’s been an uphill climb. But occasionally I comfort myself with the knowledge that there areContinue reading “A Mercifully Brief Post About Knowing Nothing.”

Please Stop Assuring Me I’m Right

There’s a lot of hand-wringing in some precincts, or parishes if you’re in Louisiana, I guess, about Rachel Maddow semi-retiring from her weeknight show on MSNBC. Now, before I begin, I want to make clear I’m not criticizing her per se. Well, I’m not JUST doing that. I’m using her as a representative of primeContinue reading “Please Stop Assuring Me I’m Right”

How Can I Live With Myself? Let’s See!

I moved into a new house in March and for the first time in my life, I am the only human living with myself. I find, almost five months in, that I’m generally OK to live with, albeit a little moody and quiet sometimes. I usually keep the same hours I like to keep, whichContinue reading “How Can I Live With Myself? Let’s See!”