On Punching Up

It’s Not Rocket Science, Although Given My Utter Ignorance of Rocket Science, Maybe Part of It Is But I doubt it. I recently tweeted something on the Twitter machine – a silly, mildly amusing tweet that said, “I have never been in any way harassed or demeaned by Scott Rudin; this isn’t meant to condoneContinue reading “On Punching Up”

April, 1945 and April, 2022

I sometimes think about those first few Allied troops who stumbled upon the death camps that Nazi Germany had infected Europe with and the obscene spectacle they had to behold and absorb while trying to help the poor ragged souls who were somehow still alive. As we bear witness to stomach-twisting sights of sadism inContinue reading “April, 1945 and April, 2022”

Killing Your Darlings. In Your Writing, I Mean. Not In Some Jim-Jonesian Way.

Hemingway said you should write your story, and then take all of the “best” lines out. Would we like F. Scott Fitzgerald, or Toni Morrison, or James Baldwin half as much if they took our their best lines?

What I Think I’ve Learned So Far, Though I Don’t Always Act Like I Have

I had my birthday this week – I had been putting it off for a while now – which means I turned 53. And so I got to thinking, “What, if anything, do I feel I can honestly say I’ve learned in this half century and change? Here’s what I’ve come up with, and nowContinue reading “What I Think I’ve Learned So Far, Though I Don’t Always Act Like I Have”

Come See My Reading on April 11th!

You’re invited to a special reading of a new play by Jack Canfora, A VICIOUS CIRCLE. The reading, on April 11th at 1:00 and 6:00 at Open Jar Studios, (1601 Broadway, between 48th and 49th, 11th floor, Studio 12J), is a simultaneously laugh-out-loud and soul-wrenching drama about Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley and the trauma, loneliness,Continue reading “Come See My Reading on April 11th!”